Intense v2.8.8 – Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress

Intense v2.8.8 - Shortcodes and Site Builder for WordPress
Intense v2.8.8 includes a vast list of 110+ shortcodes (see the complete list near the bottom of this page) and 19 custom post types (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, Snippets, Templates, and many more).

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  • 100% mobile responsive.
  • Add shortcodes from the WordPress visual or text editor.
  • Create code snippets that you can reuse
  • Easily create templates that you can use for displaying your posts, with the use of the Templates custom post type
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Built on Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Easily add 140 different animation effects. Animate an item on a delay, on mouse hover, on mouse click, when scrolled into view, or after a timed delay .
  • Translation ready
  • Right-to-left (RTL) language support built in as a plugin option
  • Parallax content sections and images
  • Many image hover effect options with Adipoli and Effeckts
  • Filter regular posts and posts from 15 different custom post types with transition effects using MixItUp


Intense WordPress Plugin – v2.8.8 (April 24, 2017)
* Added [intense_blur] shortcode to allow elements to be blurred on hover
* Added [intense_if] shortcode to allow for showing/hiding of content based on post ID
* Added transition, box_shadow, and hover_box_shadow attributes to the [intense_button] shortcode
* Added hover_color attribute to the [intense_alert] shortcode
* Added show_icon attribute to the [intense_content_box] shortcode to allow for hiding of the icon
* Added the ability to skin the [intense_content_section] shortcode’s margin and padding
* Added a blank default option for the [intense_heading] shortcode’s text_transform attribute
* Added [intense_video] oembed requests as transients to improve load time where possible
* Added “dmy” (10 Mar 2001) date format option to [intense_date] shortcode
* Added the ability to skin the “Read More” Display Text for post shortcodes
* Added new two, three, and four column templates for displaying posts
* Added new two, three, and four column templates for displaying of team posts
* Added check for Uncode’s version of Visual Composer, that is included in their theme
* Updated Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the latest version (5.5.11)
* Updated Redux Framework to the latest version (3.6.4)
* Removed deprecated Google+ support for gallery
* Fixed the previous pagination link in the default pagination template for post related shortcodes
* Fixed gallery image PHP warning when style attribute isn’t set
* Fixed potential null item issues in [intense_image] and [intense_content_section] shortcodes
* Fixed multisite activation not showing activation prompts and button
* Fixed an issue with older versions of PHP for one of the shortcodes
* Fixed a warning by adding a check to ensure the template search path has files
* Fixed muting of [intense_content_section] background video
* Fixed clearing of shortcode dialog transient
* Fixed compatibility issues with WooCommerce 3.0+
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