AffiliateWP v2.0 – Affiliate Marketing Plugin For WordPress + 18 Addons


AffiliateWP v2.0 – Affiliate Marketing Plugin For WordPress. With AffiliateWP, you get an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money. It’s designed to help you easily set up and run a successful affiliate program. AffiliateWP takes the hassle out of affiliate marketing so you can spend time focusing on what is most important — running your business.

Plugin Features

  • Higher Visibility
  • More Traffic
  • Increased Sales
  • Affiliate Dashboard
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Reliable Affiliate Tracking
  • Easy Setup
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Moderated Registration
  • Extensive Documentation
  • World Class Support
  • Fully Internationalized
  • Coupon Tracking

AffiliateWP v2.0 – Affiliate Marketing Plugin For WordPress Changelog

v2.0, January 24, 2017
New: Integration added for Stripe Checkout (through WP Simple Pay)
New: Integration added for Give
New: Integration added for Contact Form 7
New: Integration added for Caldera Forms
New: Integration added for WPForms
New: Integration added for Paid Member Subscriptions
New: Options to control which registration fields are required have been added to settings
New: Options to enable/disable the log in and registration forms in the Affiliate Area have been added to settings
New: Date range filters added to the referrals list table
New: Conversion rate now shown on the Reports screen for individual affiliate accounts
New: Introduced extensive meta capabilities for more fine-tuned control over user role capabilities
New: REST API endpoints now include full schema
New: Introduced a batch processing API for handling large data sets
New: Payout logs can now be exported to a CSV file
New: Added JavaScript debug data to browser console when debug mode is enabled
New: Added Pakistani PKR to currency list
New: Creatives now show thumbnail preview in the Creatives list table
New: Unpaid earnings are now shown in the Affiliates list table
New: Private, admin-only notes can now be added to affiliate accounts
New: Payouts can be processed for individual affiliate accounts now
New: Added support for blacklisting referral URLs to prevent referrals being created that come from those URLs
Tweak: Referrals are now automatically blocked in Gravity Forms if the form is submitted with the affiliate’s own account
Tweak: Affiliate status is now shown and editable on the Edit Affiliate screen
Tweak: Updated all export and migration routines to use new batch processing API
Tweak: Removed the fixed width from form input fields in the Affiliate Area
Tweak: PayPal Button referrals now automatically rejected when a refund is processed
Tweak: Updated text through out admin area to improve consistency
Tweak: Referrals export now includes affiliate’s first name, last name, and username
Fix: Improved sanitization of fields when updating referral records
Fix: affwp_add_referral() does not support passing in the visit_id
Fix: WooCommerce integration: C.O.D. orders do not create unpaid referrals
Fix: WooCommerce integration: shop pagination breaks when referral variable is the same as the site’s tld
Fix: Deleting data during plugin uninstall does not remove all data
Fix: License key cannot be reliably deactivated and/or removed from settings
Fix: PayPal Button integration: IPN verification fails if any field value contains slashes
Fix: Error in display when listing creatives via wp-cli
Fix: reCAPTCHA field breaks if enabled in AffiliateWP and Gravity Forms
Fix: Affiliate export tool fails on large sites with a lot of affiliate accounts
Fix: Added missing inline documentation for all actions and filters in the plugin
Fix: Improved reliability of affiliate name search fields through out the admin

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